Selim Esen born on 8th of May 1943, is a journalist-author. He’s a graduate of TED Ankara College and Faculty of Economics. His Master’s degree is on Information Technologies.

His professional life started in 1962, at “Ileri” daily newspaper published in Antalya and followed on in TRT (Turkish Ratio and Television). He started in the Foreign News department to carry on becoming a reporter in the News Department. Until 1980 he was deputy reporter as well as head of this division. He followed lots of national events and reported them live, creating many television live news programmes. He acted as producer-technical director for more than 100 live meetings and debates. He produced many international news programmes as well as managing to transmit national news to international network.

In 1974 he reported the Turkish intervention to Cyprus live for TRT. Hence he’s one of the 15 reporters to obtain the official title of “War Reporter”, as well as obtaining the title of “Gazi” (Veteran).

Many of his articles on this were published in many newspapers and magazines.  Many radio and television programmes still refer to his recollections on this matter.

He represented TRT in many international meetings such as:

BBC TV Production Course, London 1970/March 1971

International Meeting of News Producers, Cologne April 1973

EBU Meeting, Bad Godesberg 1974

Sports News Sub Committee Meeting, Lisbon September 1974

EBU News Sub Group Meeting, Istanbul February 1975

EBU Programming Committee Meeting, Istanbul April 1975

Seminar for International News Production and Broadcasting, Tokyo October 1979

As well as following many events and reporting them to TRT, he represented this organization on international platforms and gave many speeches and lectures as well as participating in courses on its behalf.

Among the events he followed for and spoke on behalf of the Organisation are:

Reporting Prime Minister’s visit to France and NATO, Paris 1971

Reporting news for NATO, UK- Federal Germany and Italy 1973

Making a documentary on behalf of NATO organization in Canada and USA, October 1973

Covering the second Turkish operation in Cyprus, 7-17 August 1974

NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting, Brussels 1975

European Security and Cooperation Summit, Helsinki 1975

FIR Line Turkish and Greek negotiations, Paris October 1975

Denktas-Waldheim-Makarios summit, Nicosia February 1977

Greek general elections, Athens October 1977

Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit’s visit to Bulgaria, Varna May 1978

Esen has also worked in education department of TRT and prepared many leaflets and lectures for the staff as well as offering them on the job training. On the high management level, he was responsible for bringing the staff to very high levels of proficiency.

In the Anatolian University, he lectured on “Radio and Television Reporting”. At Gazi University in Ankara, he gave a series of conferences on news reporting as visiting lecturer.

In 1979 he was assigned to High Commission of Radio & Television. In Broadcast Evaluation department he became responsible for the administration of after broadcast news and news related programmes. As he was working in this division he was given the 25 years in broadcasting honor prize, on May 1989.

High Commission assigned him to study and research the television broadcasting norms, ways and systems in the USA. The outcome of this research formed the bases for present norms of Turkish broadcasting.

Until he left the High Commission, Esen did all possible research and made efforts to free the Organization from Government control.

In August 1992 he retired from the Organization with his own will. On the same date he became the head of section responsible for the creation Visual News Creation and Reporting Centre of the Anatolian News Agency.

For the first time in history of 72 years, the Anatolian News Agency made a live broadcast of 10th press conference of the Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel on 24 August 1992 and entered the electronic media.

As name indicates, Anatolian Press Agency Visual News Head of Directorate was created to give a routine visual news service to private and public establishments. First international news broadcast took place on 19 January 1993 from Damascus, capitol of Syria. This led the way to creation of Anatolian FM radio, which started broadcasting on 6th of April 1993, which was the 73rd anniversary of creation of the AA.

In October 1993 Esen left the Anatolian Agency with his own will and started giving consultancy services to a number of agencies. He gave lectures, speeches and attended conference in many universities as well as participating in many forum and debates.

He is one of the founding members of the Turkish Association of Veterans and founded, ownd and directed the ‘Ilk Hedef’ magazine.

He is a member of The Press Council, Association of Turkish Newspaper Journalists, Association of Parliament Journalists and Association of Contemporary Journalists. He is holder of Turkish Republic Identification of Veterans and Permanent Press Card.

Since he quit active working life with his own will, he has been writing stories and administrating preparations of activities concerning this field in many different locations in the country. Because of his activities in this field, he also is a member of the Turkish Literature Association.